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Cocktail Mixology Classes

Ever wanted to create and shake your own cocktails? Learn how and, of course, have a taste or two, at one of our very special mixology classes in Birmingham. Mixologists tend to be more knowledgeable than bartenders. Bartenders pull pints, Mixologists don't is a common phrase in the industry. Mixologists tend to have a greater 'feeling' or affinity for creating, not just making cocktails. Although Mixologists have many of the same duties as a regular bartender, mixologists tend to seek drink knowledge, the composition of alcoholic drinks and what works and what doesn't. They love to experiment - not just make a drink from a cocktail recipe book - after all, anybody can do that. Here at Olivia's Town house Birmingham we will talk you through ingredients, menus and the history of cocktail making, so you’ll learn a thing or two before we get you behind the bar. From team building events, to birthdays and hen dos, our cocktail masterclass is guaranteed to shake things up. You and your cocktail masterclass buddies will become top-dog mixologists in two fun-filled hours. You’ll shake cocktails, stir martinis & – most importantly – taste the fruits of your labour.

All-Star Bartenders

Our all-star bartenders will share trade secrets and there’s even a cocktail-making competition with prizes. Learning shouldn’t be this much fun. Cocktail making packages vary here at Olivia’s Townhouse Birmingham but a typical package includes: A fun and interactive cocktail making class lasting about one and a half hours, where everyone will get to make their own cocktails, The cocktail class is for your group only. No one else will join you, A welcome drink on arrival at Olivia’s Townhouse Birmingham, a demonstration from your highly skilled cocktail bartender your dedicated bartender for the duration of the cocktail class. At least 2 cocktails to make and drink, a chance to learn about the history of the cocktails, and the tools of the trade, The opportunity to start shaking, mixing and muddling your way towards mastering the art of mixology, Lots of fun and interactive cocktail making. Choose from a selection of classic and modern cocktails which our expert bartender will show you how to make, providing useful tips and ideas to help you create exciting cocktails of your own. These guys and girls there at Olivia’s Townhouse birmingham Mixology is all about. They have a natural feeling for what should go into a Cocktail to make it superb and beyond sublime. Mixing drinks has been around for decades if not centuries, however true Mixology began at the end of the second world war and specifically in America. The general populous began to go-out more to bars, restaurants and the latest craze - cocktail bars.As cocktail bars proliferated, many bars developed their own signature drinks to attract customers. At Olivia’s Townhouse Birmingham we play with textures, colours, balances of flavours, astringency versus sweetness and so on and so forth.  They are not showmen, they simply are the experts at making Cocktails. The combination of drink creation and flair bartending eventually led to the term mixologist. Bartending had been elevated to a new level. At Olivia’s Townhouse Birmingham The showman, the show-off, the ambidextrous acrobat, the 'look-at-me', the Entertainer. They will acrobat, toss, turn, balance and do all manner of tricks and stunts - just to entertain and keep their guests amused. Flair Mixologists are the true artists at their trade.  They want to captivate an audience, they want the praise; the adulation and the kudos for their skills.  It takes many years of dedication, skill and practice to hone their skills.