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The Arcadian Birmingham

One of Birmingham's busiest weekend party destinations and based only a stone's throw from New Street Station, the Arcadian complex has a whole host of venues to hop between on any great night out. An interesting mix of relaxed restaurant bars and student bound party venues, the Arcadian is one of Birmingham's premium all-rounders. Check out our collection of recommended bars in Birmingham's bustling Arcadian.  Late nights and lots of Champagne and cocktails are the name of the game at Olivia's Townhouse Birmingham. The Arcadian bar goes from classy drinks to top DJs on the weekend, so make sure you pack your dancing shoes. Birmingham is a bustling, lively city which boasts some of the best nightlife in the UK. Perhaps this is because all the bars, restaurants and pubs are in such close proximity to each other; perhaps it is because the city boasts 3 Universities, which means lots of easy-going, party-hard students out on the town; or perhaps it is because you can catch a taxi anywhere around the centre for less than £5. Either way, Birmingham knows how to show you a good time.

Birmingham Nightlife

If you are looking for an alternative area which is a little more relaxed, there is the Arcadian Centre set in Birmingham's China Town, behind the Bullring shopping centre and markets. As should be expected of an area dubbed 'ChinaTown', there is a plethora of Chinese and Cantonese restaurants to choose from. The Big Wok is extremely popular, and offers an 'all you can eat' daytime buffet from 12-5pm, with a choice of over 50 dishes, for just £4.99. If you like Japanese food, the chain restaurant Wagamama can be found en route from the Bullring to the Arcadian. Festival Balti in the Arcadian itself offers delicious Indian cuisine at very reasonable prices, with a fresh, modern interior and very friendly staff.

Parking in and around the Bullring is plentiful but can be expensive - although with a cab from any city centre hotel only costing about £5, or the 3 minute walk from the Bullring to the Arcadian being entirely cost free - there is little need to drive your car in Birmingham. The bars in the Arcadian are smaller than most of those on Broad Street, with around 200- 500 capacity. Music in The Arcadian

However, this does mean that the vibe is often better in the more cool, chilled-out Arcadian. Arca tends to be house music, Poppy Red is funk beats, Indi is cheesy with RnB, Loaf is soulful house, Sobar tends to have a lot to do with Birmingham's famous Money Pennies brand, and on the top balcony is Mono-Bar which is really a small nightclub. The bars are set in a circle, around a small fountain and colourful steps leading up to the Festival Balti restaurant, more bars and the exit leading to much of Birmingham's Gay Scene. There are also bars and clubs outside and around The Arcadian centre; including Olivia’s Townhouse Birmingham and a large Reflex (fun retro/80s club). A great club to try if this is your first time in Birmingham is the newly-built OCEANA club; which boasts 5 separate bars and 2 separate dance floors each with a different world-theme, such as Aspen Ski Lodge cosy, wood-laden bar), 70s Disco a large room with authentic disco balls and flashing dance floor, and the Ice Room the largest dance floor that the club offers - plays a good mix of Indie, Chart, Cheese, RnB and Dance, and even has slips of paper and little pens on the DJ booth for you to make a request or 3.